you taught me how to live
                                                                               hi i'm ristin and billie joe smiled at me as i was crying in front of the stage so i started crying even more                                                                                idiot(s)                                                                     


Oh God… The Rev <3<3<3

Some pics from the Foxboro Hot Tubs gig at SXSW

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Foxboro Hot Tubs. Austin, Texas. 14/3/2014



Back in December of 1996, worried about the influence of Green Day’s “explicit” fourth album, Insomniac, on her 8-year-old son, a mother decided to write a slightly aggressive letter of complaint to the band. It clearly hit a nerve, and she soon received a handwritten response from then-24-year-old frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. Both letters can be seen below.

Apparently this exchange inspired the song “Reject,” as found on Green Day’s next album, Nimrod.



►Green Day Discography 9/???

behold the greatest tweet by billie joe armstrong ever

My generation is zero. I never made it as a working class hero.